"I am an artist that is spiritually and creatively inspired by music. The title that I give to my body of artwork is “Let the rainbow lead the way”. Within this work one will find multiple techniques being used. Some are blind contour drawings, the illusion of textures, different colors in specific areas, abstraction and so much more. The images that I used were inspired by my love for music and the inner clown in me. My goal while creating a narrative is to never limit myself to the simplicity of the everyday artwork that we see when visiting galleries, and to always try new things, not just sticking with the concept of realism. There are so many things that one can create by using color, lines and figures. I want to portray just what I see at this very moment and that is the definition of me.


What type of art do you admire the most?

Alfrena: Realism and Abstract, I believe that when you combine the two together the outcome is remarkable.


What is your inspiration in creating such extraordinary work?

Alfrena: The inspiration behind this body of artwork is my personal relationship with God, the process that brought me to this very moment and my love for music.


What methods are being used while creating a piece of artwork?

Alfrena: I start off by asking myself, how can I express myself through the narrative of each picture before me? The next step is making sure the proportions of my images is correct. Then last but not least, I use music and my imagination to lead me into the the adventure of creating lines, shapes and color.


What allowed you to reach this level of skillful abilities and achievements thus far?

Alfrena: The motivation of God, competing with other artists since primary school and  having all my teachers as mentors allowed me to strive to do my best at all times.  The abilities of my artistic skills have grown over the years. Recognizing I’ve made mistakes while creating a piece of artwork creates the masterpiece. Those mistakes were my best instructors, allowing me to develop different methods and techniques that I still use today.


What goals do I have for myself as an artist/ Where do I envision my  artwork someday?

Alfrena: The goals I have as an artist is to start a foundation or open a studio that encourages teens to use their gifts as therapy leading them to a productive future. I vision my work within and on a series of public places, such as architectural buildings, hospitals, museums, art galleries all over the world. I just don’t want to be the front cover of a book or magazine. I want to be someone's motivation, inspiration and the reason to what makes them smile just by one glimpse of my artwork.


What affect has art had on your life?

Alfrena: Art has influenced the way I look at the world, the way I dress, my love for color, but most of all the way I pray. It also gives me the confidence that I can be the best at my gift while being in the depths of my passion. I work hard on my artwork and everything. Last, looking at my artwork and my hands remind me of the gift that I’ve been blessed with.


Alfrena: What greater artist than the creator himself!                                                                           

The way he created this formation of the universe in itself is immaculate.  How the ocean meets the sand and how the rain falls from the sky creates public art.  Sit back and take a look at how the colors of the rainbow meets and displays an everlasting promise. The placement of the colors on this earth, for him didn't take a lot of thinking. He is one of the greatest sculptor and fine artist ever.   I respect the beginning artists that have pave the way for all the up and coming artist in today’s society.  want to pay homage to all the artist in this world. There’s not one piece of artwork today that one can say doesn’t mimic a previous artist's gift. Just recognizing that our differences creates unity within this art world.

"Let the palm of your hand be the inspiration of your masterpiece".

Alfrena K. Moosa


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Who is Alfrena K. Moosa?